We have been working diligently to sustain our public image and brand during a world, pandemic which required us to ‘shift’ gears and pivot with the times.

While we genuinely appreciate all of the community support which has helped us achieve our mission of helping children world-wide, beginning within the Detroit Metropolitan area, we have realized that we must begin to develop a plan to be ‘self sufficient’ in the event our community and supporters are unable to assist our endeavors in previous ways, such as fundraising events which entail large crowds, putting our supporters, friends, family and affiliates at risk.

We care about our family and friend. We care about our community and its well being. We care about our supporters and their best interest. Finally, we care about our ‘why’ in doing what we have always done for more than a decade- which is helping families! The pandemic has made us ‘rethink’ our strategy in continuing to BE The Difference our community needs. As a result, the Austin Brothers COLLECTION was born!

The Austin Brothers Collection features: clothing for men, women and kids, as well as an assortment of diverse accessories, including dog apparel, executive pen sets, cologne, oil fragrances, hand sanitizer, books and more!

Partial sales proceeds are allocated towards funding the mission of the Austin Brothers Company (in lieu of their in-person annual fundraisers & events) in efforts to lessen the COVID 19 curve of contraction, while helping empower, educate and inspire young people worldwide.

The Austin Brothers are available for booking appearances, workshops & conferences. Please inquire more about booking opportunities by connecting with their administrative office: abc@ntdesignsolutions.com